Thursday, 4 June 2015

Celebrating 3 years

It's (again) been a little while, and much has been happening. Two major themes today; sewing and running.

But since this is the knit and run blog I should probably fill in an update about what's on the needles. I've got a Lichen and Moss scarf that's gone into hibernation now that I'm confident I won't need it any time soon (well, as confident as I can be with British summer weather). There's a Liala that gave me a bit of a mental block before I worked out there was an error in the instructions - and being crochet and therefore not my most experienced yarny craft it took me a while to accept that I was indeed right and the pattern wrong. But this has also given way to the latest project; an Echo Flowers Shawl in a beautiful maroon colour (technically 'Loganberry') for a friend's wedding present.

As for sewing, my little brain is full of plans. Myself and the fiancĂ© were out touristing this week (hooray annual leave!) and dropped into Foyles…where I bought a lovely little book called The Secrets of Sewing Lingerie. Instantly wanted to make it all. Started fairly simple and wanting something to celebrate our 3 year anniversary I made the 'Boudoir Blushes' camisole and french knickers. And I'm pretty darn pleased with how they turned out.

Monday, 11 May 2015

It's all about the bike

Since I last wrote, my weekends have been dominated by the bike. My sister had signed herself, her boyfriend and me up for a 45 mile charity ride in Kent the first weekend of May. The lovely fiancee was invited too, but there was the small problem that he didn't own a bike. Or at least not for long…

Sunday, 12 April 2015

On the road again...

...I can't wait to be on the road again…

I used to cycle quite a lot. In London it was my transport of choice - more reliable than the tube, often faster than buses, and free! I used to cycle to uni, and to various hospitals for placements. I enjoyed it. Battled through the winter weather, gloried in the brief summer sunshine. But it was only ever to get from A to B. Which meant a couple of things
1) I would always have a rucksack full of the stuff I'd need when I got to B. Namely a change of clothes, and some food.
2) I would be trying to get there as quickly as possible. Cycling in London amongst the commuting pack turns the journey into a quietly deeply competitive race. Surely with everyone going about their own private cycles and concentrating on not getting hit by cars/buses/lorries/crazy van drivers/seemingly blind pedestrians you can't really race? Think again. There's a whole system of points out there, and trust me, it rings true.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Spring is here...

I know Spring is here. There's a couple of tell-tale signs…

1). The sun. It's back, and glorious.

2). The spring flowers are coming, and they're also glorious.

3). I get inexplicably faster at parkrun.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Good news everyone!

Hello poor neglected blog!
I've been gone for a while and many, many things have happened…but I'm hoping to be back here more regularly now. Because in terms of knitting and running and sewing and crafting I'm going to have a LOT to write about.

One week ago, on Valentine's day, the lovely boyfriend asked The Question.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

2014; a vintage year

Ah, in the blink of an eye 2014 was gone and 2015 is charging eagerly ahead. I'm always one to get sucked into buying a nice new note book and writing very neatly some utterly unattainable resolutions. But 2014 has been an absolute vintage year, and I'm actually keener to look back on it in awe than to wipe the slate clean and start again. Here's why…