I've been knitting since I was little when I begged our baby sitter to teach me.  I've knitted on and off since then, teaching myself things from books. Lots of scarves, a jumper for my teddy and recently hats and socks…and now clothes! Not just knitted clothes either. With my mum's old sewing machine I've been dipping my toes into the deep waters of the sewing world. 
I'm generally crafty and will give anything a go, particularly if it involves paper.

Running is much a newer addiction hobby, and although I've now run a marathon (yes, me! A whole marathon!!) I still consider myself quite new to running an a bit of a beginner. An adventurous beginner however, and I'm now starting to eye up triathlons with my fledgling running ability. 

When neither running or sewing/knitting/crafting I'm desperately hunting for my first physiotherapy job.

I've found the internet a massive source of inspiration and knowledge for all that I've done. And I've learned that knowledge that is hard won is best shared…so here I am!

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